Yesterday, Casper caught Mega Millions fever - and TONS of you called in and won tickets. By now, you've probably heard that winning tickets were reportedly sold in at least three states - none of which were Colorado, apparently (which is where we bought your tickets from). However, even if you didn't win over $640 million - DON'T TOSS THAT TICKET YET. It could still be worth anywhere from $250,000 - $2. Here's how to check and see.

According to Mega Millions, there's a 1 in 3,904,701 chance that your ticket is worth $250,000. To cash out, you'd have to have matched 5 numbers, and only missed the MegaBall.

Next up would be a $10,000 cash prize - for those that matched 4, AND the MegaBall. Still not bad, odds are apparently 1 in 689,065 that you're holding that ticket.

Odds get better from there, but the payout is certainly lower - matching 4 numbers and missing the MegaBall, or 3 numbers + the MegaBall gets you $150 - odds are around 1 in 13,000 - 15,000 that you're holding one of those.

It's all downhill from there in the payout department - 3 numbers and no MegaBall gets you $7, 2 numbers + MegaBall gets you $10, 1 number + MegaBall gets you $3, and just matching the lonely MegaBall itself will net you a cool $2. (Hey, that's double your money. Or in this case, our money.)

Check those tickets closely before you trash them, and let us know - did you win ANYTHING?