Natrona County Law Enforcement and emergency crews say they are getting flooded with phone calls, from people that don't need to be calling.

While many people are concerned with the Sheep Herder Hill Fire, a number of them are making things more difficult for emergency dispatchers.

Sergeant Deahn Ahmed of the Casper Police Department says so many people are calling 911 requesting information, it's slowing down dispatchers from dealing with other emergencies.

"When you call in on 911, it should be for a true emergency. It should be something that you are either having to report an emergency, or you're needing assistance right away. It shouldn't be trying to find out where the fire may be in a few hours, or asking for which roads may be closed."

Sgt. Ahmed says while law enforcement is trying to keep the public informed about what's going on, 911 is not the resource to get that information.