A phishing email masquerading as the the Better Business Bureau is targeting businesses nationwide.

BBB Regional Representative, Luanne Kadlub, says they've received numerous calls from businesses in Wyoming and Colorado.

"Businesses getting phishing emails with the subject line saying "complaint from your customer" and they need to click on this link. If they do click on the link it will take them to a non-BBB website."

Kablub says if your not expecting an email from the BBB and are in anyway suspicious delete it. If your concerned it might be legitimate give them a call, but opening the email and clicking on the link could introduce a virus into your computer system..

"I had a call from one of our accredited businesses and she had opened the email, and she had opened the link and realized it wasn't legitimate, but she called us and we told her to call her IT person and have the anti-virus run."

She says if you see an email from the BBB consider it a red flag and delete it. And the same goes for any email from an unknown or unexpected source.

"Beware that phishing email is not just from the BBB but there will also be phishing emails from other phoney businesses. Always be careful about opening an email that your not expecting."

You can call Luanne Kablub at the regional office

970-488-2044 / 800-564-0370 x135