A Casper man accused of being involved in a crime spree has entered his plea in court.

21-year old Donald Hensley has pleaded not guilty to 3 charges of aggravated burglary, along with 1 charge of conspiracy and 1 charge of larceny...all in alleged connection with a Casper area crime spree that happened back in September.

According to Casper Police, sometime during the overnight hours of September 19th and into the 20th, Hensley and 19-year old Brenton Livermoore were involved in 3 separate aggravated burglary incidents and a burglary of an auto body shop.

The crime spree started at the Eastridge Mall parking lot, where they pulled a gun on 1 parked motorist and demanded money.

Then while in a car, going down 12th street near CY avenue, they bumped another motorist from behind a few times, before he pulled over.

The 2 then turned the gun on him with the same demand.

Later, the pair found a paperboy on Collins Drive and attempted the same routine.

Also Hensley used a key that he had to enter the Straight Lines Paint and Auto store.

There the 2 took a laptop computer and some tools.

Hensley and Livermoore are each being held at the Natrona County Detention Center, on $100,000 bail, and are awaiting trial.