Casper police have filed more charges against 2 men that went on a crime spree last week.

Last week's report involving Donald Hensley and Brenton Livermore, was not the first crime spree that they were involved in, according to Casper police.

About 1 week prior, the 2 were involved in a number of auto burglaries, and stole anything from flat screen TV's and stereos to I-pod's.

Livermore admitted to police about the burglaries, saying he needed the money for food, because he was homeless.

Hensley admitted to taking Livermore and a third person...Easton Bailor, to various locations to commit the burglaries, but denied accompanying them.

He also admitted to receiving stolen property.

Both Hensley and Livermore are now facing 10 counts of auto burglary and 1 charge of conspiracy, in addition to 3 charges of aggravated burglary that they received last week.