Athletes are free to run around and play ball, but now man's best friend has been banned from doing the same in some areas in Casper.

Police Chief Chris Walsh has ordered that dogs are no longer allowed on fenced in athletic fields, because they are heavily littered with dog waste.

He says his department, along with Metro Animal Control have received lots of complaints reagarding the messes over the years...and then he found out that he could do more than just write tickets.

"The solution was in a park regulation where I have the ability to shut down different uses of the park. So it only makes sense that all the fenced ball fields around town are going to be shut down from animal use, just because we've got enough irresponsible pet owners that go in and don't clean up after their animals. So kids, adults, softball or the baseball leagues and teams that come out here and try to use these fields are constantly cleaning up after dog messes and it's not necessary and so the option's gone."

Casper has seven fenced baseball and softball complexes that will be affected by the new order.

They are the Field of Dreams, Tani, North Casper, Washington Park, 13th Street, Mike Sedar and Crossroads.

Anyone caught in violation could receive up to a $750 fine.

City officials have confirmed that a dog park is being planned and an area near Lake MacKensie is being considered.

The city council approved the funding in May 2012.