The bad behavior of dog owners who don't pick up after their pet may mean the end of Morad Park as a leash free zone.

City officials fear the large accumulations of dog waste at the popular dog park may be compromising the quality of run off into the North Platte River.

Public Services Manager,Gary Clough, says they're looking to curb the problem before it gets more out of hand.

"It is one of the things we report and it is a violation of our storm water permit. So we're trying to get it under control before we have an issue with DEQ or EPA."

At Tuesday's Casper city council work session Clough presented two alternate locations for possible  off-leash dog parks.

One could be located in a soon to be abandoned ball field next to Mike Sedar Park. The second site is off of Bryan Stock Trail north of Lake Mackensie.

Clough says one idea is to have the sites leased to user groups who would create rules and monitor their enforcement.

He says public meetings will be scheduled to discuss the proposals.