It’s kind of hard to make a connection between the sport of golf and the death of terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden at American hands in a special ops mission, but it appears one has been loosely made.

At the Huffington Post, RJ Eskow details the town of Abbottaban, Pakistan, where bin Laden had been holed up in a million-dollar compound which should have stood out to anyone living the town. The town is described as having excellent climate and a lot of amenities, including a golf course near the bin Laden compound.

We don’t know if Bin Laden ever left the house. But if he did, he theoretically could have taken a stroll in the local park, stopped off at the base for dialysis treatment, played a round of golf, then ended the day with some steamed mussels and grilled blackfish. And if Osama didn’t care for the menu at the Red Onion, he could always go the Mona Liza, an older local restaurant. “Try their tuti fruity or chicken karahi,” suggests an online reviewer.