Two Natrona County Sheriff's Deputies have been honored for their service.

Deputy Bart Olson was named lawman of the year by the Wyoming American Legion and Deputy Brad Legler was given a certificate of appreciation by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department for being the support person of the year.

Olson says he may know of an instance that got the American Legion's attention, hence the nomination for the award.

"The letter that they had sent in, spoke specifically about a search and rescue that we did up on Casper Mountain. It also, the letter that I saw that they didn't read, talked about community policing. I'm a resident deputy, along with Deputy Legler out in the Alcova area. Me and him are the only two residents on the south end of the county."

Legler says his position in the Alcova Lake area changes with the seasons.

"It's busy during the summer months, and then of course hunting season is really busy, if we make ourselves busy, which I do and then winter-time, I cover the mountain as well, so I do a lot of snowmobile patrols as well as checking lion hunters and anything we can do with that ice fisherman and what not."

Olson has been working with the Natrona County Sheriff's Office for 18 years and Legler for about 12 years.