Casper city council is sifting through budget items this week as it prepares a budget for fiscal year 2013. Added to the consideration at the opening budget session Tuesday, was a proposal for a dedicated entry-level alcohol court.

Casper Police Chief, Chris Walsh calls the proposal budget neutral, suggesting it would only increase costs between $25,000 to $30,000, but would bring a level of consistency to the current system.

"So it'll have a single prosecutor.  It'll have dedicated judges that will hear the case and it'll have a process so that, prior to a case going to the judge for sentencing, he'll be armed with all the information surrounding the person's past or any similar incidents."

The court would hear 1st through 3rd offense DUI's through municipal court, diverting the non-felony and non-aggravated cases out of circuit court.

Walsh says the move would require amendments to municipal code.

If approved it could mean implementation as early as this fall.