Questions regarding a case involving a Casper woman accused trying to hire a hit-man to kill her ex-husband are starting to pop up.

Cynthia Guy, who has pleaded not guilty and not guilty by reason of mental illness to one charge of solicitation of first degree murder, now has to get private legal counsel, after it was discovered that she received enough money from her divorce, that would disqualify her from receiving the services of the public defender's office.

The divorce settlement went final not long before her arrest, in May of 2014.

The issue that had arisen is that the new legal counsel might not be available or ready for her September 21st trial date, and may not be available until early 2016.

Judge Catherine Wilking has expressed concerns over the issue of speedy trial.

Guy entered her pleas in March 2015, and speedy trial rules require the trial to be held within 180 from that point, however there was a delay, because Guy was sent back to the state hospital in Evanston for another mental evaluation.

Guy has not yet signed a waiver of speedy trial.

Both prosecution and defense are expected to meet in the near future, to resolve the concerned issues.

Guy, who was working for the Central Wyoming Counseling Center at the time of her arrest, is accused of asking several of her patients, if she knew of anyone that would carry out a hit against her ex-husband, in exchange for their early release from counseling.

Law enforcement was alerted, and Guy ended up meeting with an undercover agent, who recorded the conversation.

She is being held on $250,000 bond awaiting trial, and could receive up to life in prison without parole, if convicted.