The Vernal Equinox came early this year. It was late Monday night at around 11:15 pm so you may have missed it.

The next big solar calender event for Casper is the Summer Solstice and with that, the Crimson Dawn Celebration on Casper Mountain. And in 2012 the Crimson Dawn Association joins the digital age with a new website.

"I've really noticed, from the people who've been contacting me on the website, its increasing the awareness and the information and there's also a Facebook component."  Marilee Rake, for the Crimson Dawn Association, says you'll find dates and times for both the celebration and the museum, plus directions to Crimson Dawn Park.

She says photo submissions for an events gallery and a wedding gallery are welcome. There's also gallery of paintings by Neal Forsling as well.  Check out and let them know what you think.

Here's a link to the site and to the Facebook page.