The Casper Police Department says it’s continuing its investigation into a terroristic threat made against Natrona County High School. Natrona County School District officials say staff at the high school received a letter claiming an attack was scheduled to take place at the school Wednesday.

Capt. Mark Trimble, who's with the Casper Police Department, says Wednesday was uneventful at Natrona County High School.

It was a pretty average day," Trimble said. "There was a reduction in the number of kids at school, and some parents elected to keep their sons and daughters home, but it was a very average day at school - it was very quiet."

Trimble says enhanced security measures will continue at the high school as police proceeds with its investigation.

We'll still keep a heightened presence, we still have the investigation ongoing into these threats that were made, so, as things get back to normal at the school, it doesn't mean we'll get away from it - we'll continue to look into it," Trimble said.

Casper Police and Natrona County School District officials urge residents to call 911 to report suspicious activity.