Law enforcement didn't have to go far to arrest a North Dakota couple. The two were arrested Wednesday on charges including methamphetamine possession, after being found sleeping in the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation's parking lot in Casper.

According to police reports, Robert James Gee and Megan Leanne Mey were discovered, asleep, in a 2007 Honda Civic, that was parked outside the Wyoming DCI's Casper Office.

Following an investigation by the Casper P.D., the two suspects were arrested after methamphetamine and related paraphernalia were found in the vehicle. Officers and DCI agents also discovered that the VIN numbers on the vehicle had been altered.

Police say that Mey explained the car had been borrowed from a friend and then traveled to Montana with Gee.  Mey then claims that Gee and a man in Montana began removing the VIN numbers from the vehicle.  Then, leaving Montana, the couple pulled into the Werner Ct. parking lot to sleep for the night.  Mey said that while Gee may have been high on Methamphetamine at the time, she did not claim ownership of any of the evidence in the car.

Investigators say Gee denied knowing that the VIN had been tampered with

Both Gee and Mey face charges of Possession of Methamphetamine. Gee also faces charges of Altering Vehicle Registration and, after police say he tried to run from the scene, a charge of interference.

May is currently being held on a $1,200 bond, Gee on a $2,000 bond.