Natrona County Commissioners suspended temporarily enforcement action on new collector vehicle regulations. At Tuesday night's County Commission meeting a resolution passed that suspends for 45 days any of the regulations recently passed regarding collector vehicles and their storage.

"To allow citizens that wish to come in and apply for either a 'collector car' conditional use permit or an 'auto reduction recycling center' conditional use permit to come in and do that."

Natrona County Attorney, Bill Knight, says following that 45 day suspension the county enforcement officer will begin giving notice to property owners believed to be out of compliance with the amended county code.

"Anyone who receives one of those notices will then be allowed 14 days to come in and apply for a conditional use permit, if it so applies to their property, and in the event they do that in the 14 days, there would be no fee for the conditional use permit

The suspended fee will remain in place until December 31st.  After that date, the standard $300.00 fee will be reinstated. Knight notes that the fee suspension does not apply to a permit for an auto reduction recycling center.

Knight says the county will make an effort to work with property owners who need to be out of town during this period.