Natrona County is spending more than its bringing in. This year it's about a three million dollar difference and county commissioners anticipate loss of several million in Federal revenue dollars next year.

Monday commissioners approved a $53.1 million budget for the next fiscal year. For 2013 the expense overage will be covered by reserves, but Natrona County Commission Chair, Ed Opella says the jobs not done. "We'll see if we can shrink the budget even more. Talk to the department heads. Talk to the other elected officials and see if there's anything we can do to reduce it, cause our reserves are gonna go real fast."

Opella says they'll hold off on purchases until later in the year. County employees won't likely get a raise. Earlier in the budget discussions commissioners talked of requiring employees to share some percentage of health care costs. Opella says they may look at the retirement package as well.

He says the next six months may involve the long, painful process of getting down to basics.