The Casper City Council swore in a new mayor and a new councilman Tuesday evening. Returning members were also sworn in with brief ceremonies. The new Mayor Paul Bertoglio said he was proud and looked forward to his third term as mayor. Bertoglio also served as mayor in 2001 and 2008.

When asked if he liked Casper's City Manager form of government, which limits the power of the mayor, Bertoglio said he thinks it works better.

Limited mayoral power:

"The mayor having only the same authority and same vote as somebody else, we don't tend to get into the politics; we don't make promises. It has worked very well for us, having a weak mayor form of government."

In the introduction of measures and proposals, Councilman Keith Goodenough proposed that the Council consider an increase in funding for social services.

Council Member Kimberly Holloway echoed the need to address Casper's inadequate social services, saying Casper relied on the Central Wyoming Rescue Mission as a safety net for people in crisis.

New Ward II Councilman Paul Meyer included social services in his vision for what the Council could do for the new year.

Public service heritage:

"Core development, that is a big deal to me, as Kim stated, the smart growth aspect of our city. And doing all the things we can do in the social service aspect of our budgeting, because I believe what they say that this is very overlooked and in these time of improving economies I hope we can make life better for those that suffer the most."

Councilman Meyer said that his family has a heritage of public service, with State Treasurer Joe Meyer being his cousin and State Rep. Mary Gilmore being his sister.