As part of its 2013 budget considerations Casper city council is opting to wait on a request from Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies.

The food bank recently requested a $5 million match from the city to help build a new, larger building at a total cost of $10 million.

City council members are leaning toward a smaller percentage contribution that would better match the estimated 20 percent of food that's distributed locally.

Mayor Kenyne Schlager says they want food bank staff to seek financial support state wide.

"What we want to investigate a little bit or give them time to investigate, would be what other communities might be able to assist them in their fund raising efforts. They do serve the entire state. It would be really great if the whole state could support this project."

Schlager says council will wait until later in the year to make it's decision. The proposed 50,000 sq ft facility would be located on Casper's east side and include a dehydration and demonstration kitchen, double the refrigeration capacity and a green house.