The next steps in deciding who gets what amount of the optional one-cent pennies set aside for Casper community projects starts Tuesday.

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There are nearly 40 different entities hoping for some of the six million dollars targeted for community projects out of the new optional one-cent sales tax. Casper city council has the job of determining how to pare down the requests for funding that, at this point, amount to over twice what's available.

Special city council work sessions this week allow those applying for funds to make their pitch. Tuesday and Wednesday interviews are scheduled with the diverse groups ranging from area musuems, to social service agencies, the Wyoming Symphony, youth sports, all the way to Casper Area Fencers extraordinaire.

The 10 minute interviews are open to the public and take place in the city council chambers starting 3 until 7pm Tuesday and again at 6 until around 9 pm on Wednesday with the possibility of rollover to Thursday if necessary. The optional #14 One-cent sales tax started coming in in March and will be collected and dispersed incrementally over the next four years.