Casper City Council approved a resolution to fund a $299,500 long-range transportation plan contract at its Tuesday meeting. Officials with the Casper Area Metropolitan Planning Organization say the five-year plan will not only affect Casper, but the surrounding communities of Bar Nunn, Evansville and Mills.

Casper mayor Kenyne Schlager says the plan will help shape Casper’s future.

“It’s interesting when you hear ‘transportation plan,’ because it’s such a vague concept that it’s really hard for the public to understand what that truly does for the citizens and the city of Casper,” Schlager said. “But, it truly is essential in planning and development.”

Additionally, council approved a $17,560 contract for the MPO’s annual traffic count.

Council also approved funding toward a $196,060 window replacement project for Casper City Hall. Schlager says the new windows will bring the facility up to certain codes and decrease its environmental impact.

“These windows will be (low energy), double-pane insulated glass, and they'll increase our energy efficiency with the heating and cooling here in the building,” Schlager said. “But also, the current windows don’t comply with the window codes.”

Council also authorized the purchase of seven new police cruisers for the Casper Police Department on Tuesday. The seven new police vehicles are valued at $186,283.