Several changes are coming to a city-run public access television channel.

At its Tuesday meeting, Casper City Council unanimously agreed to enter into a $44,500 agreement with Wolf Gang of Wyoming, a television production company headquartered in Mills. Wolf Gang will be tasked with reprogramming the city-operated cable Channel 3.

At a May 21 work session, Wolf Gang executive producer Dennis Rollins said programming for the new Channel 3 would likely consist of original, Casper-centric content mixed with public domain movies and TV shows.

Casper mayor Kenyne Schlager says the reprogrammed channel will better promote Casper and will better educate area residents.

“The truth is that people really don’t know what’s necessarily going on, or what their council’s doing at that moment,” Schlager said. “This is our one chance to really have an advertisement or an educational channel that people can tune into whenever it’s convenient for them.”

Channel 3 currently broadcasts a 24-hour electronic bulletin board and Casper City Council meetings on Tuesday nights.

Wolf Gang currently produces the award-winning “Wyoming Portraits” for Wyoming PBS.