The Wyoming Department of Transportation is preparing for reconstruction of a six-mile stretch of Wyoming Highway 34. Steve Cook, resident engineer for WYDOT, says this is the final stage of the reconstruction for that road, where the road goes past the Sybille Canyon research station.

Road wends through canyon:

"The last in a series of projects to reconstruct that segment through the canyon there, that's roughly mile marker 22 to 28, six-mile job, total reconstruct, realignment of some of the curves, both horizontal and vertical. There's a bridge crosses Sybille Creek that gets repair work."

Mr. Cook says the primary contractor, Oftedal Construction, is going to try and get it all done by October. Travelers are advised to expect delays of up to 20 minutes, and the delays could be up to an hour when they're blasting.

Traffic delays, especially during rough stretches:

"There'll always be detours and a single lane open that we can squeeze traffic through, but it'll definitely be some delays. We're allowing up to a one-hour delay for blasting."

According to a press release from WYDOT, the blasting will be done during the last half of April.  The transportation department also advises travelers pulling a trailer or motorcycle riders to consider an alternative route once the construction has reduced the temporary roadway to gravel. The release also says travelers can get updated information on the reconstruction from the Sybille Sentinel website at