The Beartrap Summer Festival is in full swing.

Jim Workman is here.

So is his Scarlet Macaw, "Zora," which means "rising dawn" in a language he doesn't remember.

And so is his Catalina Macaw, "Xena," in honor of the Warrior Princess.

They're here to listen to a lot of great bands, including the Littlest Birds (for Zora and Xena, of course) and The Likes of Us on Saturday morning.

This afternoon, Workman will be listening to The Barefoot Movement, the Tremors, Spencer Bohren with Family and Friends, Jalan Crossland, and Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes.

Tomorrow will feature Spencer Bohren, Rebecca Frazier and Hit & Run, Jalan Crossland, The Deadly Gentlemen, and the legendary Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

Workman, the macaws, and a thousand or so more music lovers will groove on tunes, chow down on great food prepared by local vendors, get a massage, buy some jewelry and T-shirts, and otherwise have a good time.

So should you.

See you there.