Dinner and a dance, Casper College will will present their 7th Annual Big Band Dinner this Saturday at the Grand Ballroom of the Parkway Plaza. Casper College's Lisa Icenogle says the dinner and dance will feature some local luminaries like CC instructors Kristen Robinson and Jerome Fleg, and KTWO TV Weatherman Alan Holt.

Known artists and ambiance:

"The whole ambiance, you get served this great meal, and there'll be all these people, and you'll be able to dance and socialize. That's the whole point of this is to have a really nice socializing kind of event."

And there will be dance music performed by the college's swing band.

Swingin' on a Star:

"Not only will there be great tunes played like Glen Miller's 'In the Mood' and 'Moonlight Serenade' and those, but there will also be waltzes for those that like to waltz, some Latin American tunes for those that like to do sambas and cha chas, and those kind of things, and, of course, there is a wonderful banquet that starts before the dance."

Ms. Icenogle says the deadline for dinner and dance reservations is today at around 4:30.

Dinner and dance reservations:

"Tickets for the dinner-dance are 35 per individual or 50 dollars per couple, and those who want to dance only, those tickets are 15 dollars per person and available at the door so if folks would like to get in on the dinner-dance, they need to call the Casper College Music Department at 268-2606 and they'll get you set up."