Casper College offers a class in the basics of shoeing horses. That means they need equine volunteers, so if you've got a horse that needs shoeing, you could make an appointment and the instructor and student will shoe your horse and all it'll cost you is materials.

Instruction time constraint:

"Robert Fowler, who will actually be teaching the class, I kind of coordinate it for him, Robert teaches it, and his students will be the ones that will be working on the horses, so we don't charge anything to shoe them; we just charge for the materials. And, in the past we haven't charged anything for just a trimming if that's what they want to do. However, we're limited on the number we can trim."

Tom Parker, ag instructor at Casper College, says they are limited on the horses they trim because they want to make sure all the students get experience in cold shoeing.

Only do cold shoeing:

"Don't do any hot shoeing, no corrective shoeing, we have to remember that these are just students that are learning how to shoe themselves, so we just stay with the very basics of putting shoes on horses."

Mr. Parker also wanted to make sure horse owners knew that the shoeing is done at the college during class-time, so the horses need to be brought to and from.

Shoeing done at the college:

"They'll bring their horses right to the college and we do everything right there in the ag department at the college. And we'll have them in and out the same night so they don't have to leave them overnight or anything like that and it works out pretty well for both parties."

The horseshoeing class begins Monday, April 4th, runs Monday through Thursday for two weeks. The class hours are from 6 to 10 pm. To make an appointment for your horse to get shod, call Tom Parker.

To make an appointment:

"They can call me at my office at the college, 307-268-2262."