As you know the College National Finals Rodeo won for Best Collegiate Tournament in the country in 2009 by Sports Travel Magazine and as you know they are up for the award again in 2011.

"I spoke with the people at Sports Traveler and there has never been a multi-year winner. No ones ever won it twice and so we have a great opportunity here to, not only win this prestigious award, but to be able to say that we have it again."

Aaron McCreight, CEO of the Casper Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, reminds us that the winner is chosen through votes cast by an adoring public.

"You have to go to the Sports Travel Magazine website ( link here  or go to our website at  Its right on our front page. You go in and you click the yellow button. You vote for the College National Finals Rodeo in Casper, Wyoming, enter you email address. Its that simple."

He says pride in Wyoming and what we have to offer is what spurred on voters and nabbed the prize last time and he says it can happen again.

"And it really means something to us to get out there and show the world that, yes, Casper, Wyoming is on the map and we can handle a nationwide, national tournament. Not only handle it, but do it to the level of being recognized nationally against the Final Four, against the Super Bowl and other events. Casper is on the map."