Another tool for use in emergency communications around Natrona County could be available as soon as this spring.

County Commissioners got the lowdown from Emergency Manager, Stu Anderson this week on a Code Red System. Similar to a reverse 911 service,  he says it works better and faster, delivering both general and weather related critical information.

"We can pinpoint the warning to a geographic area. We can send it out to certain groups of folks. We can give, if it's a missing child and you've signed up for text messaging, we can send a picture of that child along."

Anderson says it'll back up existing warning sirens; important for anyone who can't understand the audio coming from that system.

By spring, Anderson expects they'll get the word out on how to sign up for cell, text, and email messaging. Land lines will automatically be included.

The system will be paid for with one cent sales tax dollars at a cost of about $25,000 a year.