As summer approaches, the city of Casper wants residents to know the city does have an ordinance to protect people from aggressive door-to-door salesmen. Solicitors notified:

"There's an ordinance in the city code that helps protect people from aggressive door-to-door salesmen, basically says, once you say no, or if you have a no solicitation sign that it requires them to leave, so it gives you a little bit of protection."

City Administrative Analyst Jesse Springer said while the term aggressive salesmen may sound subjective the city ordinance is quite specific.

Must be gracious when declined:

"But the code specifically says that aggressive is if they refuse to leave after you say no. If you say no, you have the right to close the door and if they don't leave your property, that's being aggressive."

Mr. Springer said that a salesman representing an out-of-town business is required to have a license from the city.

There are exceptions in the ordinance, says Springer.

Less pushy solicitors exempt:

"That's true about salesmen, but the code specifically exempts charitable organizations and religious and political organizations."

Springer says while the aggressive salesman ordinance doesn't apply to charitable, religious or political solicitors, if they were asked to leave the property and they still refused, it could be seen as trespassing.