One of the athletes competing at the College National Finals Rodeo this year holds his rope a little differently when roping calves and if he gives you a thumbs up, you might do a double take.

Listen here:

21-year-old Ben Ayre was competing in a team roping event at a rodeo two years ago when his right thumb got caught in the coil of his rope- cutting it off in the process.

Ayre was flown to a hospital where doctors informed him that that they would not be able to reattach his thumb.

The Montana State University pre-vet major was told that without his thumb he would have a difficult time making it through vet school. So, Arye made one tough decision. He decided to let the doctors amputate one of his toes and attach it on his hand in place of his thumb.
Ayre said that learning to rope with a toe for a thumb was a challenge at first."Right away when I first started tying calves again it was a little difficult taking it out of my mouth and stringing a calf.

But Ayres made the adjustment and now two years later he is at the CNFR competing in the team roping and calf roping events."

He says that he is glad that he went through with the surgery so that he can pursue his future career and keep roping long after he graduates from college.

CNFR performances continue tonight through Saturday.