A Natrona County man is facing charges after crashing his car into a Casper house.

Clyde Mentzer has been charged with one count of driving under the influence, after he crashed into a house at the intersection of 13th and McKinley Streets.

According to court documents, not long after midnight on December 16th, Mentzer, who was driving his Toyota Tundra, was being pursued by Casper police on the one way stretch of 13th street.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol says speeds during the chase were in excess of one-hundred miles per hour, before Mentzer failed to navigate a turn at the intersection, and crashed into the house, located at 12-45 McKinley Street.

Mentzer admitted to drinking alcohol prior to the incident, but refused a request to give a blood sample.

Law Enforcement later obtained the sample through a search warrant.

No one inside the house was hurt.