Get your child's required school-age vaccinations by the end of next week or be included in Exclusion Day.

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Natrona County School District and Health Department are reminding everyone with school age kids that September 23th is the last day your child will be let into school with the required shots.  Robert Harrington, county health department director says its especially important this year because a new vaccination was added to the list.

"Last fall there was a new immunization added to the list and that's Chicken Pox. There are a lot of people who did not go out and get their kids immunized against chick pox and they will be coming up to that limit just a week from Friday."

Harrington says unless an exclusion is obtained from the State Health Department for health or religious reasons children must have proof of vaccinations, including at least the first of the two Chickpox shots. Harrington says the health department will offer three all-day clinics to make it easier to get them.

"From now through Wednesday, September 21st, people can make an appointment to get any of the childhood vaccines that they need. On Thursday the 22nd, from 8am to 5pm, they can just walk in with no appointment and get, either the T-DAP, Chicken Pox or both.  Friday its from 7 to 7. Monday the 26th, from 7 to 5pm."

Harrington says get the shots while there's still time and avoid being inconvenience after the Exclusion Day passes. Health department shots cost $12 each.