Public utilities officials say city workers have fixed a water line rupture that interrupted water service for several dozen Casper residents Tuesday afternoon.

David Hill, the public utilities manager for the city of Casper, says the official cause of the rupture has been determined by the Casper Public Works Department.

“Yesterday afternoon, at around 1:30 p.m., a 14-inch water transmission main near Lennox St. ruptured,” Hill said. “It’s a 50-year-old cast iron line, and it was a corrosion break.”

Hill says some city water customers near the site of the break may notice some minor water discoloration. Hill says the discoloration is harmless and should go away on its own.

“Just let it run for about 15 minutes and it usually clears up – if it doesn’t clear up within 15 minutes, give us a call and we’ll show up and flush some lines using fire hydrants in the area,” Hill said.

City workers on Tuesday estimated that at least 1 million gallons of water were lost when the line ruptured.