Know which way the snow should go.

The season's first cold front with scattered snow showers is coming to central Wyoming, according to the National Weather Service.

And no snow event is complete without shoveling it.

So commercial and residential property owners need to remember that shoveling or pushing snow into the street or the gutter is prohibited, according to a news release from Casper's Community Development Department.

Instead, property owners should shovel it on the lawns or landscaping so it doesn't block sidewalks, driveways and parking lots, according to the news release.

Snow shoveled on streets, coupled with the wind, can form drifts that can cause streets to become slick or impassable. It also can turn into hard-packed snow banks, posing a hazard to vehicles in general and especially to police, fire and and other emergency vehicles.

While the city does not require property owners to clear their sidewalks, it urges them to keep the sidewalks clear of ice and snow so pedestrians, school children, delivery personnel and business customers can walk safely.
For more information, contact the Community Development Department's code enforcement division at 235-8254 or at