An internal investigation conducted by a local law firm and the city of Casper has concluded that Ward II city councilor Craig Hedquist subjected a city employee to workplace violence during an August meeting.

The report, which was drafted by Casper firm Dixon & Dixon LLP, alleges Hedquist used profanity and threatened city engineer Andrew Beamer during a construction progress meeting at the corner of Poplar Street and Boulder Drive on Aug. 28.

Casper mayor Kenyne Schlager says, at this stage, the city is trying to ensure the future safety of its employees.

"That can be achieved through several avenues, whether it's having councilman Hedquist refrain from meeting with city staff - I'm not sure exactly what the outcome will be, but the ultimate goal is to make sure the city staff aren't subjected to workplace violence again," Schlager said.

Hedquist owns Hedquist Construction, a Casper-based company that deals with road work and rehabilitation.

According to the report, Hedquist was concerned that the city would require additional work that wasn’t properly contracted after several of his company's Casper-based projects fell behind schedule.

Hedquist reportedly asked Beamer if he was “… f---ing going to stand up, b---h? Are you going to start paying?” Beamer also told investigators that Hedquist had a “challenging type of look” during the altercation.

According to the report, Beamer made a legal recording of the meeting.

City manager John Patterson says Hedquist has been formally asked to modify the way in which he communicates with city staff. He also says Hedquist is being investigated for possible code of ethics and conflict of interest violations.