Casper City Council says it will further explore a plan to rebuild the city’s oldest outdoor swimming pool.

A $1.9 million proposal for Mike Sedar Pool was reviewed by council at its regular work session Tuesday night. Casper mayor Kenyne Schlager says the city intends to make its outdoor swimming facilities more attractive to more swimmers.

“What we want to do is have more fun and exciting regional pools,” Schlager said. “Everybody wants to go out to Paradise Valley to swim because it has slides and it’s fun.”

“But Marieon Kreiner is a pool that doesn’t have those features, and truly, nobody swims there anymore," Schlager said.

Schlager says the city operates five outdoor pools. She says the long-term plan is to rebuild and continue operations at three of the city’s outdoor pools.

Mike Sedar Pool opened in 1964. City officials are aiming for the pool to reopen by Memorial Day of 2014.