Casper City Council will review a long term strategic plan at its work session Tuesday. The plan sets the stage for the 2014 budget process and includes seven goals with an outline for implementation.

According to City Manager, John Patterson, the plan represents the desires of the community as expressed in a series of citizen surveys and stake holder meetings last year. It includes development of a vibrant city core based on mixed use planning with construction of a new conference facility as part of that vision.

Patterson acknowledges that four new council members, with four new points of view will come on board in January, but he maintains the city budgeting process makes it impractical to involve them at this point.

"To ask a new council to consider, or ask four members of a nine member body, to consider a strategic plan afresh and anew might not be fair to them and it may... well be can't delay the budget process, because we have to present a balanced budget to council May 1st."

While he says it can't be delayed, Patterson says its a fluid document that can be molded, depending upon new council members desires. Adoption of the plan could come at the December18th regular meeting.