The past couple of days have been busy for the Casper Public Services Department.

City officials say a dozen of the city’s 15 snow plows are attempting to clear inches of snow from major city streets and thoroughfares after a pair of lingering holiday snowstorms passed through most of central Wyoming earlier this week.

Beth Andress, an administrative coordinator with Keep Casper Beautiful, says limited progress is being made.

"A lot of people have been on vacation or taking time off within our plowing crew, so we have a lot of new people out there plowing - this is their first actual incident and first season plowing," Andress said. "We feel that it's going fairly well, but it has been a slow process because of the continued snow."

For the time being, Andress asks drivers to avoid driving through accumulated snow in the middle of streets and turn lanes.

"What that does is scatter snow across the street," Andress said. "It creates kind of a mess and we have to go back and replow those streets."

Andress says a city ordinance disallows Casper homeowners and property owners from shoveling snow from sidewalks and driveways into the street.

Andress also says residential roads are generally not plowed by the city of Casper. The city will plow school bus routes when school resumes in January.