The Powder River Veterans Club hosts "The Hunks" male stripper revue this week and the "Hollywood Knockouts" female oil wrestling next month.

But the only cold refreshment you may get with shows like this in the future is a shower, because the Casper City Council most likely will not renew the club's liquor license at a special meeting at city hall at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday.

City Attorney Bill Luben has recommended council deny the renewal application made by the club at 420 W. First St.

It filed for the renewal under the authority of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 991, but it cannot do that because it has no legal connection to the national Veterans of Foreign Wars organization, Luben wrote.

Last week, Casper City Council renewed all the liquor licenses in the city except the Powder River Veterans Club.

Under the terms of its license, the club may serve alcoholic beverages to its members and their guests.

However, it has repeatedly advertised events open to the public despite warnings from the city not to do so.

Last week, representatives of the club tried to explain its relationship with the VFW, saying that they were trying to do the right thing about its events.

But Councilman Bob Hopkins said the club hasn't changed. “It’s time to drop the hammer, guys.”

Two days after the council meeting, Tom Montoya of the Wyoming Liquor Division, wrote Luben, saying the club had applied in 2007 for the license that was held by the VFW.

But Wyoming VFW Commander J. Dee Darnell told Montoya there is no legal connection between the club and the VFW 991. The VFW is allowed to meet at the club for no charge, and that's it, Montoya wrote.

"Based on these facts alone, the City Council cannot renew this license with the Powder River Veterans Club, Inc. If the Powder River Post 991 wishes to reapply with a proper lease in place then they may qualify for a liquor license," he wrote.

Darnell chided VFW Post 991 Commander Bob Cook in a Feb. 12 letter about the legal separation between the VFW and the club, especially when it came to entertainment:

"It has come to my attention that Powder River Veterans Club is hosting a 'Male Stripper Night' on February 27, 2015. It is also my understanding that the radio commercials use the name Veterans of Foreign Wars in the advertisement for this event.

"This type of activity, male or female strippers, is not in keeping with the image desired for the VFW here in Wyoming and as such should not be connected to the Posts name or the name Veterans of Foreign Wars as both are trademarked by the National organization."