A Texas man ended up avoiding prison time after he assaulted a Wyoming Highway Patrol Trooper.

Christopher Briggs of Dension, Texas was given a 3-5 year suspended prison sentence and 3 years of supervised probation, after prosecutors say he kicked a trooper in the head.

Back on April 19th, the trooper noticed a vehicle going about 5 miles per hour southbound on Interstate 25, about 10 miles north of Casper.

After stopping the vehicle, the trooper identified the driver as Mr. Briggs, who said he was traveling so slow, because he put the wrong kind of fuel in the gas tank.

The officer then learned the vehicle was stolen as part of an armed robbery in Billings.

After cuffing Mr. Briggs, the trooper tried to place him in the back seat of the patrol car, when the struggle began.

Briggs has been ordered to spend time at the C.A.C. and take anger management counseling.

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