Halloween is just days away, and Cheyenne Police are warning motorists to be on the lookout for trick-or-treaters.

Officer Dan Long says children can act impulsively on Halloween and drivers need to exercise caution.

"Motorists, especially in the neighborhoods, need to remain vigilant, watch their speed and be aware of all the kids out there," said Long "The kids are excited, they may be darting into traffic, so it's always good to be defensive and actually look out for those kinds of things."

While he can't remember any children being hit by motorists in recent years, Long says the potential for automobile related accidents with young pedestrians significantly increases on Halloween night.

"You're going to see huge increases of pedestrians, in neighborhoods especially, and a lot more traffic, just because people are driving to and from places," said Long. "It's always good for the parents to actually educate their kids on safety, especially with all the traffic."

Long says extra officers will be out to ensure that all ghosts and goblins have a fun and safe Halloween.

"We always try to throw an extra officer or two out on the street and we also have our volunteers out actually patrolling as well," said Long. "We are doing DUI enforcement too. So we're going to have even more officers on the street doing the DUI enforcement."