Persistence appears to have paid off for the League of Women Voters in their efforts to improve access to public meetings.

Casper City Council and Natrona County Commission meetings have been overlapping for some time making it difficult for a civic minded citizen to attend both meetings should they so desired.  Recent efforts to change that may have paid off.

Kim Holloway, representing the League of Women Voters has played intermediary between the two governmental groups and this week she got a go ahead to slide meeting times.

"We talked about this probably six months ago, either changing the day or the time of our meeting. The council wasn't interested really in either, but with a little coaxing they said, 'Well, let's hear what the Commissioners will offer,' and the Commissioners offered to change their meeting time to half an hour earlier to 5 o'clock and the Council could change to 6:30 instead of 6.

Holloway suggests with new members on both council and commission the time for change was ripe. Now she heads back to her body, Casper City Council, to verify the change. If all goes forward she suggests the new meeting times may be implemented by mid April.