The Natrona County commissioners threw their weight behind the new public library initiative Tuesday evening along with a proposal to go to the November ballot asking voters to approved a one-cent specific purpose sales and use tax to pay for it.

Commissioners met with the library board to finalize the ballot language. Randy Buffington, library board president, says that language needs to be clear so that voters know what they are choosing.

"It's reasonable to expect that as many as 20 percent of voters may be undecided when they walk into the polls, so its very important that the ballot language be clear enough that they can make a good informed decision."

County and library officials say the tax could pay for the project within two years time. Construction costs are estimated at $25.2 million for the building. The specific use tax would raise an additional $4.5 million for a start-up operating and maintenance fund. A majority of Natrona County municipalities must approve the ballot measure for it to go forward.  If the specific use tax is  approved by voters it would come into effect in April of 2013.