With persistent, severe flooding in Colorado, and with areas of Wyoming receiving heavy rainfall, authorities are stressing the importance of caution when driving through the intermountain west this weekend.

Stew Anderson, Natrona County’s emergency manager, says it’s always best to turn around if you approach a flooded roadway.

“Turn around, don’t drown,” Anderson said. “It doesn’t take very much water to push your vehicle off the road, and also, you have no idea about the depth of that water, if the road has been washed away, and, if it hasn’t been washed away, if it’s structurally sound.”

Flood water may contain logs, chunks of concrete and asphalt, sediment and raw sewage. Anderson also says flood water can camouflage significant dangers.

“There could be a culvert washed out that you can’t even see, and then your vehicle’s going to fall into that and you’ll be trapped and stranded,” Anderson said. “And then, we’re looking at rescue and, if you’re away from civilization, how long will it take rescue personnel to get to you?”

A flash flood warning was posted near Laramie earlier today. Flash flood watches have been posted for portions of Natrona County, Fremont County and western Wyoming through Friday evening.

WYDOT is also asking University of Wyoming football fans to check for road closures before making the trip to Laramie on Saturday.