Weird News

Girl Drives for Her Drunk Father
WOODHAVEN, Mich. --- A Detroit-area judge says he won't decide until next week whether a man will be tried for child abuse for allowing his 9-year-old daughter to drive.
The judge delayed his decision until next Tuesday so Shawn Weimer's attorney can put his arguments in writing...
Channel Catfish Swims Epic Journey
The Wyoming Game and Fish Department says it has documented a 415-mile journey by a channel catfish.
The agency tagged the catfish in June 2007 just below the Kendrick Diversion Dam on Clear Creek east of Sheridan.
That same fish ended up on the hook of an angler recently on the Yellowstone River near…
Borrowed RV Takes Off Down Mountainside
JACKSON, Wyo. --- A Florida man is unhurt after locking himself out of a motor home and then watching the vehicle roll down a mountainside west of Jackson.
Marvin Bass, of Pensacola, Fla., says he borrowed the 42-foot motor home from his best friend to travel to Yellowstone National Park...
Polite Interloper Stalks Riverton
RIVERTON, Wyo. --- Recent reports in Riverton of intruders showing up in a home and in a car has some residents concerned.
KCWY TV in Casper reports that one Riverton resident recently woke up to a stranger in his bedroom. The stranger asked where he was and left when asked to leave...

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