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Casper Zombie 5k To Benefit Local Charity
BRAAAAAIIIINNNNSSS. CHAAARRRRIIITTTYYYY. Those are the two things that Zombies love most, I’m pretty sure. So you can imagine their delight when they heard that there will be a Zombie 5k run for charity in Casper on Saturday, September 8th.
10 Gloriously Green St. Patrick’s Day Foods
Everyone knows that St. Patrick’s Day is the one day out of the year when we’re all Irish. And, apparently that translates into wearing anything green and silly we can get our hands on and having as much to drink as we can carry at one time. But, there’s another strange tradition that has developed …
10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Leprechauns
Few icons from folklore and mythology have been branded and co-opted more than the leprechaun. Stories of their rare appearances and coveted pot of gold have permeated almost every aspect of popular culture. They have become so synonymous with Irish culture that the streets are filled with tall gree…
America’s Smallest Town For Sale
BUFORD, Wyo. (AP) — What's advertised as the smallest town in the United States goes up for auction next month.
The town of Buford, between Cheyenne and Laramie in southeast Wyoming, has just one inhabitant, Don Sammons.
Sammons says he plans to retire from managing his businesses at&n…
Lottery Winner Cut From Food Stamp Program
LINCOLN PARK, Mich. (AP) — State officials say a Detroit-area woman who won a $1 million lottery prize but continued to get food stamps has been removed from the food assistance program.
The Michigan Department of Human Services said Wednesday the lottery winner no longer was getting benefits..…
Wyoming Lawmakers Scuttle “Doomsday” Bill
CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — Wyoming lawmakers have shot down a bill that called for studying the possibility of creating a state currency to prepare for the possible collapse of the national government.
The House on Tuesday defeated the bill by a vote of 30 to 27...

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