Weird News

Wyoming Well Prepared For Zombie Apocalypse
Walk in to any sporting goods store and you will find zombie targets, zombie guns, zombie ammunition and more. Television and movies play off the fears of the undead and have made a mint with The Walking Dead , Resident Evil and a ton of others...
Wyoming Ranks #3 On Beer Lovers List
There was a recent study done on the best U.S. states for beer lovers, and Wyoming ranks 3rd - only Montana (1st) and Wisconsin (2nd) have us beat. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but I'll take a moment to down some suds while I ponder the results.
Casper’s Roundabout Gets Pranked
If you live in the Centennial Hills subdivision on east side of Casper, then you might have seen the round-a-bout fountain got pranked sometime between Friday evening and Saturday morning.
Lovesick Moose Falls For Statue
In Grand Lake, Colorado, a new statue went up about a week ago. And for the past couple of days the statue has gained the attention and advances of a young bull moose that inhabits the area.
The moose and statue have become a local tourist attraction as the young bull is often seen nuzzling, kissing …
Men Experience Simulated Childbirth [VIDEO]
For those men of the modern era, it is pretty much commonplace to take an active part in the process of childbirth with your wife. When my wife was pregnant, Lamaze classes were the "thing" so that you could practice breathing and the birthing technique...

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