Weird News

UFO Over Yellowstone? [VIDEO]
In a video posted on Youtube Monday May 26th, posters John and Mary surmise that this was a UFO spotted over Yellowstone National Park.
Take a look at this its very strange a unidentified v shaped object was caught on tape by John and Mary early this morning over Yellowstone National Park.
The World’s Weirdest Mansion Is In Wyoming [VIDEO]
Having lived in Wyoming most of my life, I thought I had seen and heard about most things that there are to see in our beautiful state.  That is until today.  I came across an article about the Smith Mansion. It's not the type of mansion you would picture, that's for sure!
Help Settle The Debate [POLL]
The other day my wife of 26 years made the comment about how I placed a roll of toilet paper on the dispenser. I didn't think much about it at the time but the next time I was in the position to do the same I had to stop and think, was I supposed to put it on over or under...

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