A city of Casper pilot project introducing optional yard waste collection has put the spot light on some misconceptions.

The program looks to divert yard waste out of the landfill and ideally put it back into use as soil nutrient. Horticulturalist Donna Cuin says one option, is to mulch grass with a properly equipped lawn mower.

"A mulching lawn mower has a blade that chops your grass clippings into small enough pieces that all of that organic matter goes right back into the soil on to the lawn that you've applied it to."

Cuin says lawn owners worry the mulch will add to thatch development or soil buildup, but she says that's not the case as long as it's chopped small enough.

Horticulturalist Donna Cuin, at the Natrona County Ag Resource and Learning Center will share more on yard waste diversion ideas in coming days.

The city of Casper introduces its yard waste diversion program starting with  Thursday's route on May 1st.