When given the choice of assignments for top 5 lists around Casper, when i saw this one, i jumped at it. But i couldn't stop at 5. History has always been a passion of mine so the opportunity to showcase some of the historic buildings in Casper was right up my alley. Now we don't have the history of Europe, with buildings built before the birth of Christ. Our history of man-made buildings, at least in the Casper area goes back decades, not centuries. However, that doesn't mean that we are lacking in architecture or history. There is not a lot of rhyme or reason to my choices other than they struck a chord in me at some point in time in my life and knowing that the first commercial building is here, the first church and others gives me a sense of grounding knowing that they have been here since the beginnings of Casper. This is only a sampling of the wonderful buildings that have stood the test of time. I hope you enjoy them and their stories.

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    The Tribune Building

    216 East 2nd Street

    This building was constructed in 1920 by J.E. Hanway to house the Casper Tribune Herald. As you face the front of the building you will notice Hanway carved above the door to the left, Tribune carved across the center and Apartments carved above the door to the right. In addition to the first 2 floors housing the Herald, the 3rd floor was home to ten "luxury Apartments" each consisting of 4 rooms and occupying about 400 sq ft.each. These housed shop workers, seamstresses, a schoolmarm or 2 and members of Mr. Hanway's family. Before television and radio, the area in front of the building was roped off spectators would gather for updates of the World Series that would be read from AP accounts and the play-by-play action would be posted to a scoreboard mounted on the front of the building. Today the building house's a clothing store, an architects office and the third floor is a humble abode that i call home.

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    Casper Fire Station and Municipal Garage

    331-335 South David Street

    Built in 1921 to house the Casper Fire Station and Municipal Garage this building was renovated to its former glory in 2004 by 2 local businessmen. When originally built the City of Casper invested 85,000$ for the building and equipment. This completed the transition from a small town with a volunteer fire dept to a booming city with a paid fire protection staff. Stop in and see the architecture and see if they will let you go down the original pole.

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    The Sullivan Mansion

    109 East 10th Street

    This three story,7500 square ft home was built in 1909 and is known as one of the oldest and largest mansions in Casper. Patrick Sullivan,a well known sheep rancher and businessman received three lots from Joseph Carey,the owner of the CY ranch,with the stipulation that he build an outstanding home that would attract other buyers and builders. Patrick Sullivan also served as a member of the Wyoming House of Representatives, was a Mayor of Casper and a US Senator in 1929-1930. This is still a residence.

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    The Rialto Theatre

    102 East 2nd Street

    The Rialto started out as the New Lyric Theatre and sold a year later for $50,ooo and renamed. Admission for a movie at the Rialto Theatre when it was built in 1921 was 40 cents for an adult and a dime for a child. The Rialto, with its elegant interior, made it the preeminent theatre for first run films. In 1928 The Rialto was the first theatre in Casper to feature a Vitaphone sound system which brought to an end the silent film era. The theatre has been updated more than a couple times and is still a popular place for movie goers.

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    The Townsend Hotel

    115-117 North Center Street

    This building is all that is left of the "Grand Hotels" of Casper. Built in 1923 the original building had all of the cornices, columns, flowers and urns that one associated with the grand hotels of the Roaring 20's. The Townsend Hotel of present day is a bit more formal as the current Natrona County Townsend Justice Center. Inside the lobby of the courthouse is a great history of the building and the area.

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    The Henning Mansion

    1108 South Wolcott Street

    This mansion was built by Casper's first millionaire, Welker F. Henning. Mr Henning was a plumber by trade and made his fortune by bringing in the first mechanical trencher to install storm sewers that were necessary when the city started paving streets. The Henning Mansion is still a residence and still beautiful.

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    The Bishop Home

    818 East 2nd Street

    Built in 1907 this home was the first multi story brick home built in Casper. This home was designed in the style of Marvin L Bishops childhood home in Virginina. Marvin was appointed Postmaster for Casper in 1892 then went on to become a prominent sheep rancher in the area. Mr Bishop went on to found the Wyo Woolgrowers Association and was instrumental in establishing a number of stock drives and rest stations for livestock across Natrona County. The home is now a museum of sorts and available for functions and tours.

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    Odd Fellow Building

    134-136 East 2nd Street

    Not to be confused with the current Odd Fellow Building and Wolcott Galleria, this is the original built in 1896 at a cost of 10,000$ this building is the oldest commercial structure in downtown. The Odd Fellows Building was the social center of Casper, serving as the meeting place for a number of clubs and organizations Electric lighting was added in 1900. In 1902 the Sheriff at the time was also the Grand Noble of the Odd Fellows and was murdered in the line of duty, his killer was taken from his jail cell and hanged by a vigilante committee. This building went on to become the home of Woolworths for many years and today is a Wyoming lifestyle store called R.W. Tauberts.

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    The Little White Chapel

    Central Wyoming Fairgrounds

    Casper's first church was constructed in 1891 and was originally called St Marks Episcopal and was located on the southwest corner of 2nd and Wolcott. In 1954 the structure was moved to the Central Wyoming Fairgrounds and became the Pioneer museum until 1990 when it was returned to it's original use as a chapel.

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    Natrona County High School

    930 South Elm Street

    NCHS was completed in 1927. It is a traditional Gothic Collegiate style. It has been said that the structure is reminiscent of a European castle with the turrets, finials and a number of other embellishments adding to the effect. Interesting story about the school is that the citizens of Casper at the time thought that the building was over extravagant and those same citizens did not re-elect any of the school board members who had voted for the project. Although changes have been made over the years, NCHS remains a healthy and vibrant school.

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