On Thursday September 8th, Casper is in for a treat as John McLellan comes home.

John is the lead singer for the group The Clintons, but with some time off he has the chance to return to his hometown with nothing but a guitar and his stories to entertain family, friends, old fans and new.

For the last twelve years I’ve been writing songs and making records with my band, The Clintons. When I’m not playing my guitar, I’m gardening. I don’t share my delicious organically grown produce with the band, yet, because that’s my ace in the hole for the coming day when they might kick me out. “Oh, fellas, you’re firing me? Well, how about you enjoy some organically grown chives! Mmmmm. You like. Now let’s go make a record my good buddies! Oh, and here, have some Tic Tacs. You all have onion breath.” Who taught me how to garden? My folks. It’s all their fault.

John takes to the stage at KWHS auditorium for this Artcore show tomorrow night at 7:30. John joined us this morning to talk about his travels and the show.

and here is the video from The Clintons "Hey Taylor"

You can also catch John here on FOX news with his love song to Hillary Clinton.